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Nurseries News Round-Up – Week 1

Your weekly round-up of news from around our wonderful Golden Apples Family nurseries is here!


Bluebell, Eltisley

The kids celebrated the Year of the Tiger with some epic Chinese new Year activities. Team team explained how this year will be all about “big changes”. “This will be a year of risk-taking and adventure,” they said. “We're finding enthusiasm again, both for ourselves and for others. Everyone is fired up, generosity is at an all-time high and social progress feels possible again.”


The Anchor – Kings Ripton, Huntingdon

Our nursery has received some amazing reviews from parents recently – this score of 9.6 out of 10 was calculated from six scores posted on the site

Thanks to all those who posted a review – and a huge well done to our amazing team for creating an environment that both the children, and parents, seem to really love!


The Appletree, Attleborough

Children from the Early 3’s room took part in hairdressing role play. The craft area was transformed with super-fun hairdressing heads, encouraging good scissor control and the safe use of scissors.

It also gave the kids the chance to think about positive body images, exploring the colour of hair and different hairstyles.


Head Start, Ramsey

A new safety barrier was installed at the front of our nursery in Ramsey. The team said: “We're delighted with our new safety barrier at Head Start Day Nursery Ramsey and look forward to spring so the children can help plant some new flowers and shrubs.”

We can’t wait to see it in full bloom, guys!


The Ark, Watton

The children in Pelicans took part in some fab activities around the topic of emotions, discussing what makes them feel happy and sad.

They enjoyed drawing and painting faces, and this was also extended to exploring books and stories, creating discussions about how the characters might be feeling.


Golden Apples, Haverhill

The Golden Apples gang have been learning about the Post Office, practising writing skills and visiting the post box to deliver some letters.

Watch this space for more news around our eight amazing nurseries all across the East of England.


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