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Park Trees


The Pippins
0 months - 2 YEARS

These precious seedlings are awe inspiring, Even though delicate and fine they are  admired for their resilience as no obstacle is insurmountable. These little jewels will keep on trying until they master the art of walking, a strong foundation for many years ahead.

The Russets
2-3 years

The Russets are the truly emerging Norfolk royals as they freely display their individual personalities.

The Russets are full of joy and little tricks as they develop their creative and inquisitive minds in exploring the world around them.

The Bramleys
3-5 years

The Bramleys are strong, robust, exuding confidence and self-belief as they aspire to greater things in big school. The tale of excellence and achievements dates back 200 years ago with Mary Ann Brailsford, who grew the first Bramley apple tree from a few seedlings! At this stage the Bramleys are being prepared and encouraged as they flourish to become happy, confident and independent learners.

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