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Welcome to The Appletree Nursery, Attleborough

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The Appletree Nursery occupies a beautiful and spacious building, within a short walking distance to local schools and amenities.

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Opening Hours

Monday to Friday

07:30 - 18:00

FREE Taster Session

It is very important that as our prospective parent, you are able to make an informed decision before selecting the right setting for your child.

Stimulating and Nurturing

We are open 51 weeks of the year, offer preschool education and childcare for children aged 3 months- 5 years. We are open from 7.30 am - 6pm, Monday- Friday, and closed on all statutory and bank holidays.

We are committed to providing a warm, caring and safe environment where your child can learn and develop to their full potential. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage, and we incorporate certain aspects of the Montessori method in our teaching as well.

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Furthering abilities

The Appletree nursery is a stimulating and nurturing environment, which helps the children develop into confident and independent learners. 

As well as Literacy and Numeracy, we have a range of other educational and stimulating activities that the children enjoy both on or off site. The activities are designed to stimulate the children’s imagination and further their creative and physical abilities.

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Claim your free taster session

It is very important that as our prospective parent, you are able to make an informed decision before selecting the right setting for your child.

A setting that  that consistently delivers quality care in a friendly, stimulating environment. 

To help you assess whether our setting is right for your child, we invite to come for a show round , followed by a free trial session for a time that is mutually convenient for you and your child to spend a few hours with us to see how we do things. 

Your no obligation taster session is around 2-3 hours, depending on your child’s age.

Please note that our Nurseries would be unable to book sessions during our busy lunchtimes (between 12pm and 2pm).

To claim your free taster session, please download, fill out, and return this form.

Practical life skills

The children are also taught practical life skills that encourage independence as every child is given as much individual attention as they need to realise their full potential. 

All classrooms have age appropriate furniture and equipment, with easy access to the garden enabling free flow to outdoor learning and play.

The Aims of the Nursery

To create a secure, stable and stimulating environment in which each child is cared for as an individual and from which she/he derives pleasure and confidence in learning.



To further each child’s progress in independence and self-sufficiency and to help him/her develop social awareness.


To establish strong links in home/nursery relationships and with the community.


To create a challenging and stimulating learning environment in which the needs of each child are met and developed at his/her own level of understanding.


To provide qualified staff to ensure that all children are well prepared to move on and start school with eagerness and confidence.

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Our family of nurseries:

All our nursery environments are safe, with plenty of opportunities to learn and play. Our experienced and dedicated staff ensure that the children continue their development journey with enthusiasm and love of learning.

Our nursery environments are beautifully presented and offer a homely and personal environment when children are encouraged to thrive.

When your child joins us, our teams are committed to giving all of the care and interaction they need to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

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